Sunday, June 12, 2011

episod empat belas :)

OmoooOO ~

Fill in the blank :
I'm ur ______ fren!
e.Bakal boy/girl
Send this to your fren to find out what you are . But reply to me 1st !

This is what he text me yersterday . Haha .
I replied .
Me: You think?
Him: b,d,f ?
Me: Haha . If you think yes, the answer from me is also the same .
Him: Atokei.. The truth,are there any 'd' in your answer ?
Me: You think ?
Him: Yes?
Me: If you think yes,the answer from me is also the same .. ( Balik2 sy tulis,haha )

And then he did'nt reply..

After a few minute he text me again..

Only Open HEARTS receive LOVE,
Only Open MIND receive WISDOM,
Only Open HANDS receive GIFTS,
And Only The PERSON I CARE receive my MASSAGES .

I replied..
Knowing you has made me happy in a million ways
and if ever I have to let you go, I would find
a million reasons to make you stay .. 

The END of the story ~

The conclusion is ..
I'm really Happy right know , senyum2 sorang like a crazy person !
Haha ! Thanks GOD !=)